Affordable All Wood Cabinetry

Choices for our customers

We have two options for our customers.  You can have you cabinetry delivered assembled and we will arrange for installation, or for those on a tight budget,  would like to save even more, then we suggest our RTA option.

Easy Assembly

Our Ready-To-Assemble collection offers the benefits of superior standard materials at excellent prices.  It's so easy!  Here's an example:

Quality Features - 

  • Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) cabinets feature high quality materials and workmanship.
  •  Most or our RTA cabinets can be assembled with just a drill and a screwdriver. 
  • Modular cabinets are sold in one package with the cabinet box components and doors together.  Doors come attached with durable, self-closing, adjustable metal hinges to all cabinet face frames.
  •  RTA - shipped fully packaged and protected.
  • Don't let "Ready-to-assemble" throw you.  Our products are solid wood and plywood construction with NO PARTICLEBOARD. We use all the same materials that are used in high-end home products, yet at a fraction of the cost.  Our customers continually tell us that our products are as high quality as custom made products.

    Great value and quality at a super price!

"Masterwood Cabinetry"