Affordable All Wood Cabinetry

Builder Series

"Masterwood Cabinetry"

With 7 styles of kitchen cabinetry, 18 styles of bath cabinetry and both cultured marble and granite vanity tops, the Builder Series line of products has a full range of styles, upgrades and pricing that are guaranteed to be at about half of what you would expect to pay!

Builder Series Kitchen Cabinetry Styles* Oak
* Ginger Maple
* Honey Maple
* Sunset Maple
* Chestnut Maple Glaze
* Autumn Shaker
* Marquis Cinnamon

Builder Series Conventional Bath Cabinetry

* VA Oak
* VA Oak Corner Vanity
* VA White
* Sunset Maple
* Heritage Oak
* Heritage
* Heritage Cherry
* Heritage Chestnut Glaze
* Heritage Marquis Cinnamon

Builder Series Euro Bath Cabinetry

* Euro Oak
* Euro White
* Euro Cherry

Builder Series Decorative Bath Cabinetry

* Remington
* Manchester
* Williamsburg

Builder Series Shaker Bath Cabinetry

* Autumn Shaker
* Mocha Shaker

* Center panels on Builder Series Oak cabinet doors have an HDF core with an Oak veneer on the center panel of the cabinet door. Builder Series white vanities have HDF doors that are designed to lessen the chance of finish imperfections that could occur if wood were used beneath a white finish.